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British in Normandy: June-Sept 1944

All figures painted by Derek Hodge. I usually use these troops to make up an almost full-strength British infantry company for PBI 2.

These troops are painted and organised to represent a typical British Infantry Batallion during the fighting in Normandy in the summer of 1944. This campaign is a particular interest of min and I have spent many happy holiday hours cycling round the battlefields of this campaign.

For Infantry only PBI games I normally use a Company Commander plus three platoons, each comprising a Platoon Commander, a PIAT stand, a 2" mortar, three LMG stands (Bren) and six rifle stands. I will usually support the Company iby a Mortar Platoon with a commander and two mortars or some HMGs. All this comes to just about 400pts though, if necessary, I'll balance things out by losing a couple of rifle stands somewhere.

If we are using tanks I'll drop one Infantry Platoon and replace it with tanks, usually one Cromwell and one Sherman Firefly. Recently I've added some Churchill Crocodiles which have proved to be highly effectve if used properly.

The infantry rifles and bren gunners are all from the Skytrex Command Decision range as are most of the officers. PIATs, mortars and some officers ome from Peter Pig as the the Command Decision figures are sold in packs of 50 figures giving you something like 25 2" mortars in a pack. This is OK if there's a few of you building up similar forces but is far too many for one person building a company sized force.

Click on any image to see a larger version

  Company Command: Peter Pig's Brits having a Brew (8-151)
  Platoon Command: Skytrex Command Decision range (CD BI 1)
  Piat stand: Peter Pig (8-57)
  2" Mortar stand: Peter Pig (8-7)
  Infantry Section: Bren stand on the left (note the tuft of grass) with two stands of rifles. All figures from Skytrex Command Decision range (CDBI2, CDBI3 & CDBI4)
  Rifle stand: (Skytrex CDBI2 & CDBI3)
  LMG stand: (Skytrex CDBI2, CDBI3 & CDBI4)
  3" Mortar stand: Peter Pig (8-120). I wish he'd do a late war vesion with the camoflage netting on the crew's helmets.
  Vickers MMG stands: These count as HMGs in PBI. The stand on the left is Peter Pig (8-16) the one on the right is Skytrex Command Decision (CDBI5)
  6pdr anti-tank gun: Peter Pig (8-354) with crew (8-27)



Universal Carrier: Skytrex Command Decision (CD106)



  Humber Scout Car: Skytrex Command Decision (CD140)
  Cromwell: Battlefront (BR041)
  Sherman Firefly: Battlefront (BR121)
  Sherman DD: Peter Pig (8-242)
  Churchill Crocodile: Battlefront Churchill VII (BR080) with Crocodile flame trailer (BR085)
  Another view of the Crocodile.
  Another view of the Crocodile.

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