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Germans in Normandy: June-Sept 1944

All figures are from Skytrex's Command Decision range and were painted by Derek Hodge unless otherwise noted. This unit is meant to represent one of the second string formations that fought in Normandy during the Summer of 1944.

I hardly ever play with them, preferring to use my Normandy British or British Paratroops, but I'm glad I've got them and they come in handy when lent to people who don't have their own forces.

Click on any image to see a larger version

  Company command
  Small arms stand
  Stand with Panzerfausts (Skytrex rifleman Peter Pig 'Fausts).
  Panzerschrek (Peter Pig 8-70)
  81 mm Mortar (Peter Pig 8-119)
  Pak 40 (Skyrex CD307A with Peter Pig 8-36 crew)
  StugIII (Skytrex CD353)
  StugIII with sideskirts (Skytrex CD353A)
  Panzer IVJ (Peter Pig 8-98)
  Hetzer (Battlefront Miniatures. The model has been remastered since I bought this one)



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