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Luftwaffe Field Troops

This force belongs to Jack Glanville proprietor of Pioneer Professional Painting and a sponsor of this website. The figures are all from Peter Pig and are painted to Jack's Wargames Standard. Jack is kept so busy painting models for his customers that he only has limited time to paint forces for himself. He prefers to have huge numbers of troops painted to this wargames standard rather than the smaller numbers he could field have if he took the time to paint them to his Display Standard.

Jack's going rate for 15mm figures painted to the standard shown on this page is 78p per figure, though if you want him to paint some stuff for you then you'll probably have to wait a few months. The market is trying to tell him he's not charging enough but he never listens.

For his Luftwaffe Company Jack went for a very varied look. All of the standard infantry types are Peter Pig - a mixture of early war and late war figures mixed in with some equipped with captured Russian SMGs and the occasional paratrooper and Afrika Korps infantrymen. They are painted in a mixture of blue/gray Luftwaffe uniforms and splinter camouflage.

Jack does not use flock on his bases so that he can easily distinguish his own troops from the ones he has painted for other members of the South East Scotland Wargames Club.

Click on any image to see a larger version

  Company Command in Kubelwagen.
  Platoon Commander.
  Assault Rifle Stand
  Assault Rifle stand.
  Panzerfaust stand.
  Panzershrek stand.
  LMG stand
  Mortar stand.
  HMG stand.
  Sniper marker.
  A captured Russian 76 mm anti-tank gun (Peter Pig 8-147)
  A Quad AA gun from Quality Castings with a Skytrex crew.
  An SdKfz 7/2 - 37mm Flak 36, manufacturer unknown.
  A Battlefront Hetzer (old style)
  A Stug III from Battlefront.




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