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Pegasus Bridge



Pegasus Bridge


August, 2003: The original Pegasus Bridge is now located in the grounds of the Mémorial Pégasus (Airbourne Museum , Pegasus Bridge). Click on an image to see a larger picture.

More pictures of the original Pegasus Bridge can be found on the official Mémorial Pégasus website, at this Normandy Museums website and at this site dedicated to Pegasus Bridge and Cafe Gondree.

Britannica Online has an interesting section describing British airbourne operations on D-Day. As well as a picture of Pegasus Bridge taken in June, 1944 there are personal histories from some of the men who fought there.

  The new bridge on the Pegasus site is of a similar design to the original. It is larger and can carry two way traffic. But it is not a scale replica as is sometimes stated.

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