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Casualty Markers



Casualty Markers for Russian Civil War Wargames.

Download and print out these markers for use in your own games. We use them as dead and pinned markers for use in a Russian Civil War variant of the AK47 rules and as dead markers for the Proletariat to Horse rules. Both of these rules come from Peter Pig.,

Dead Markers

Pinned Markers

Download high resolution versions of all these markers as jpg images in a zip file (2.9 Mb)

Once you've downloaded the zip file you should extract the jpg images, size them (they're designed to be 30mm square for the dead markers, 20 mm square for the pinned markers)and lay them out using some sort of graphics program (I use Corel Draw).

Then print the images out on to label paper, stick them on to cardboard and cut them out.



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