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Multi-Purpose Troops

The troops pictured on this page can all be used as either Whites or Reds. All figures are from Peter Pig's Range 16 "Square Bashing!" Unless otherwise noted they were painted by Derek Hodge.

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The pictures above show what can be done with one unit of model soldiers and two flags. On the left we have a battalion of the Bolshevik horde while on the right White troops fight under their Tsarist standard. In my opinion most of the uniform details distinguishing Reds from Whites are small enough to be ignored in 15mm.

Infantry in WWI uniform (16- 31 & 16-48), officer in furry cap (from 16-96) and standard bearer (from 16-129)


Russian Higher Command (16-45) (Jack Glanville)
Russian Higher Command (16-45) with Staff Car (16-76)
Tchanka with crew in peaked caps. (16-72)
Tchanka pulled by two horses. (16-72) The pack comes with four horses as pictured above. (Jack Glanville)
Machine guns and crews(16-49)

Russian Gun crew (17-41) with a 76mm Putilov field gun (16-47)

Russian Gun crew (17-41) with trench mortar (16-105) (Jack Glanville)

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