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Flags and Standards of the Russian Civil War

In order to get something to put on the flagpoles of the models of people lining up to play the Russian Civil War at the South East Scotland Wargames Club I've gunned up CorelDraw and Photoshop Elements and made some flags and standards. The large displayed found when you click on the images on this page can be downloaded using your browser and will give a flag 15mm high when printed out at 600dpi.

The red standards below are not based on historical originals but I've tried to make them in a vaguely historical style. They look better on a 15mm figure than a bare flagpole and they're free for anyone who wants to use them.

Click on any picture to see it double sized.

1) White Flags

Russian National flag. Used by the Whites on trains, tanks and armoured cars as a recogntion aid. Sometimes had added slogans..

2) Red Standards

Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
Death to the Bourgeoisie
For the Liberation from White Oppression to the Reds of the 9th Regiment
For Lenin!

3) Polish Flag

Polish National Flags. We use this as a recognition flag on Polish vehicles and trains.

Many Thanks to Craig Martelle for providing the translations of the slogans used on the red standards..


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