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AK47 Links

(All checked and working May 19th 2004)

If you come across any links you think would fit in here please send an e-mail to derek@hodgenet.co.ukAK47 the game.

  • Crossfire meets AK47: AK47 force selection and political maneuver adapted for use with the the skirmish level Crossfire rules.
  • AK47 Chez Sebastian: Pictures and description of a four way AK game by Steve Price.
  • The Great Wubaqui Birthday Bash: Pictures of the biggest AK47 game I've ever seen - 13 players each running their own faction, fighting over a huge city covering a 12' x 6' table. This game was run by the Brazos Valley Historical Miniatures - part of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group.
  • Variant AK47 rules from Brian Cantwell of the Brazos Valley Historical Miniatures Club. Brian has taken the basic rules and simplified them a bit by altering the turn sequence for multiplayer games and removing the opposed die rolls for combat resolution. Then he's gone and complicated things again by adding loads more weapons systems and quite a lot of chrome. Examples? - well most weapons have different factors vs soft and armoured targets while tank and AA guns are split into three classes, light, medium and heavy, all with different range bands and modifiers. Armoured vehicles are graded for armour on front and rear. Well worth a look for people who find the rules as written lacking in detail. There's also the "Deck of Schmuck" a rather interesting way of handling random events.
  • AK47 Rules Review: Review by Peter Howorth with pictures of miniatures and a game in progress.
  • 30-30 Carabina: - Danny O'Hara's Mexican Revolution variant for AK47. Includes a brief history and timeline.
  • GOBNET includes an AK47 Photofile with pictures of a game in progress while the Tourist Guide to Zin Zan, details the background for an AK47 campaign run by GOB, a wargames club based in Great Yarmouth, England.
  • Mexicanski 36: Martin Rapier's Spanish Civil War Variant for AK47.
  • Warlord of the Flies: a mini-campaign from Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LHSM), another gaming group from the left hand side of the pond. Includes some pictures of games in progress.
  • The ZinZan Campaign: An AK 47 campaign page by Paul Hooper of the Great Yarmouth Wargames Club.
  • Chris Kemp's Homepage: Pictures of AK47 games played at Brixcon 2004 and Chris' own Not Quite Mechanised rules. These operational rules were originally designed for WWII but have also been used to rum more modern campaigns set in the 60s and 70s.

Models for AK47

  • Battlefront: A comprehensive range of WWII vehicles and figures. Good for some of the vintage kit found in African armies of the 70s and 80s.
  • Brookhurst Hobbies: US distributor for Peter Pig
  • BaxMod Models a South African company making 1/72nd scale resin models of South African vehicles. At the time of writing (November 2003) they have a Buffel, a Samil 20, a Ratel 90, a Ratel 20 and a Mfezi ambulance. More subjects are planned . (Thanks to Rick Inhoff for this link).
  • Liberation Miniatures: Extensive range of 20mm figures covering most modern conflicts. Much of this range is suitable for Afrcican conflicts.
  • Modern Africa Gallery: Pictures of lots of African troops and vehicles on the Little Lead Heroes site. Nice bases and they look like they're ready to use for AK47.
  • Peter Pig: They wrote the rules and they make most of the figures you will need. Their AK47 range is a bit short of vehicles however. Other useful models can be found in their WWII and Vietnam ranges.
  • Pictures of unpainted AK47 miniatures from Peter Pig can be found in the files section of the RFCM Yahoo Group. You will probably have to subscribe to the group to view these images. If you set your subscription options to view on the web you will not receive any unwanted e-mails.
  • More unpainted AK lead at cowell.org, a wargames site run by Andy Cowell
  • QRF (now part of LKM Direct) : WWII, immediate post-war and modern vehicles.
  • Quality Castings: these models are available from Old Glory 15s in the USA or from Battle Honours UK. Their range of WWII and modern vehicle models are slightly smaller than the 1:100 used by most other manufacturers.
  • Skytrex: WWII, immediate post-war and modern vehicles.
  • S&S Models: Modern vehicles, guns and figures in 1/76 scale.
  • TimeCast: Historic Buildings in Miniature: TimeCast produce a range of 15mm buildings designed for use in Vietnam wargames. Many of these are eminently suitable for use in AK-47 games. Nice stuff!
  • Wargaming Lebanon '82: Useful stuff for people using AK47 to wargame the Lebanon conflict.
  • Weapons R Us: Paul Hooper's Zin Zan pages have pictures of all sorts of toys converted for use in AK47.

Useful background information for AK47.

  • Ambush in Mogadishu: Web site of the PBS television programme of the same name. Lots of good stuff including wav files of interviews with some of of Rangers who were there.
  • Army Recognition Homepage: A French site with English translation available. "This site contain information about all modern military equipment from all country, with description, identification and many pictures". Their site is much, much, better than their English.
  • Blackhawk Down: The film's webpage now featuring the DVD release. Very flashy with some OK photographs but not much else in the way of useful content. (IMO of course)
  • Britain's Small Wars. British involvement in post war conflicts. Includes some African stuff and promises more.
  • Echoes of an African War: The Rhodesian Bush War. Site authored by Chas Lotter - a poet who served nine years as a field medic in frontline units of the Rhodesian Army.
  • FAS Military Analysis Network: Federation of American Scientists. This site has loads of technical information and pictures of modern weapons systems as well as analysis of conflicts throughout the world. . Of particular relevance to AK players is a section on contemporary conflicts in Africa.
  • Jane's Information Group: Keep up to date with information from the world famous defence publisher. Much of the site is only accesible by subscribers but there's still a lot there for the casual browser.
  • Olive Drab: Incredibly useful site with lots of info on modern military vehicles. Over 1,000 photographs and links to many other sites including some sources of public domain photographs and clipart.
  • Operation Restore Hope Photo Collection: Photographs taken by a US serviceman during relief operations in Somalia. This site has many pictures of assorted technicals..
  • Postcards from Hell: Raffaele Ciriello, an Italian photojournalist, has covered wars all over the world. His excellent, but graphics heavy, website includes many first class pictures taken during wars in Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda, Eritrea and the Western Sahara. Also many pictures from the war in Afghanistan.
  • Sandline International: "Sandline is a Private Military Company (PMC) focusing on conflict resolution. The company works worldwide and is resourced by professionals with many years of operational experience at senior rank within first world armies."
  • South African Airbourne: South African airbourne forces.
  • SADF Scrapbook: Miscellaneous stuff about the South African Defence Forces. Includes pictures, official documents, spoof documents and even christmas cards.
  • Southern Africa Military Webring: Links to sites "that contain information on (or about) the Southern African military scene, past or present."

Mailing Lists at Yahoo Groups

  • AK47Campaigns: Formed in September 2003 this group is "intended to provide resources to help support and run a wargames campaign set against the backdrop of AK47 Republic." (Added 11.9.03)
  • Wargaming_Africa A Yahoo mailing list devoted to Wargaming Africa, warfare in from the 1960's to 1990's.
  • RFCM: A Yahoo mailing list established as a forum for discussing "Rules For the Common Man" published by Peter Pig - including AK47 . The list is not owned or operated by Peter Pig but some of the people responsible for writing the rules post regularly on the group.. The files section of this group is home to the latest official rules amendments for AK47 and other RFCM rules but access is restricted to list members only..
  • Ztumsia: The campaign which inspired Ztum-Setum (we stole their name). You have to ask to become a member to gain access to this mailing group.

Player's Sites: Web sites run by people taking part in the AK47 Ztum-Setum Campaign.

Duff Links: Gone but not forgotten. Go here to see sites that used to feature on this page but which now appear to have gone AWOL. Perhaps they will starting working again some day.

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