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Petramco International Security Service Overseas Force


Security troops working for Petramco International, a Multinational Company with headquarters in the USA. Petramco has a number of legitimate commercial interests in the area, it dominates the local fruit industry for example, but it is also known to be involved in the JuJuJuice drugs trade and in diamond smuggling. It was biotechnologists working for Petramco who genetically engineered the yeast that made the production of JuJuJuice a commercial proposition.

Petramco troops are generally of good quality though the PISSOF leadership keeps changing as the company's Head of Security gets fired every time they lose a battle. Petramco have got through five security chiefs in as many months and each new appointee seems to change the whole command structure of the force. Some Petramco executives are known to be in favour of disbanding the whole organisation and reverting to a situation where they rely on friendly local factions, such as the ZITS, to fight for their interests in the Ztumsia/Setumsia area.

(1) PISSOF armour covers the range from WWII army surplus specials
(2) to some quite modern kit.
(3) A Sherman from the Egyptian Army.
(4) An armoured car of WWII vintage. Old vehicles like this will usually be issued to militia units.
(5) Though some regular units still use WWII vehicles - M3 halftracks are a particular favourite with the troops..
(6) PISSOF employs its own troops who wear a distinctive uniform based on that worn by German parachutists in WWII.
(7) They also hire European snd American mercenaries, many of whom are addicted to JuJuJuice..
(9) Many of the staff from Petramco industrial plants act as militia in times of crisis.
(10) Some of these units are quite well equipped.
(11) PISSOF militia mortars
(12) An ex-Wermacht 88.


Credits: Unless otherwise noted all models are from Peter Pig's Range 17 "AK47 Republic"and were painted by Jack Glanville of Pioneer Professional Painting, aka Heviosso, CinC of the Ztumsi Independent Tribal Spiritualists and Prophet of Agassou. .

(1) A PP Sherman from the WWII range (8-232, .Sherman M4+Applique+Stowage).
(2) PP M48 (1-34)
(3) A QRF M4A3 Egyptian Sherman fitted with an AMX13 Turret ISA 5) I have been told that the tracks on this particular model have been put on the wrong way round.
(4) Panhard Armoured car with 50mm gun (8 -247).
(5) A QRF M3 Halftrack.
(6) Old Glory Fallshirmjager.
(7) Assorted professionals.
(8) PP WWII US HMG (8-71)
(9) Assorted militia, regulars and boy soldiers.
(10) Assorted regulars.
(11) Militia crew (17-18) with mortar (17-14.)
(12) An Old Glory 88 crewed by PP DAK Crew (8-126)



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