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West African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia (WARTZ)

(2) The WARTZ Army



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The WARTZ Army is actually smaller in size than the Marine Corps, though they are every bit as professional. Many officers feel that the Army is being neglected by the current government - it is the tradional home for conscripts who support the opposition Liberal Party.

(1) WARTZ Professional units are made up mostly of conscripted settlers, who have to spend a minimum of five years doing National Service..
(2) They are well trained, well equipped and well supported by large numbers of heavy weapons such as this HMG,
(3) these mortars
(4) and this recoilless rifle.
(5) The WARTZ Army prefers British equipment over the US stuff used by their Marine Corps compatriots. They have over twenty Centurions of various marks..

(6) Lighter armour comes in the form of Saladin Armoured Cars.

(7) Many WARTZ infantry units are transported in Saracen APCs.
(8) Others are trained in the techniques of helicopter insertion and are supported by armed helicopters such as this Huey.
(9) Light mobile support comes in the form of Landrovers mounting Wombat recoilless rifles.
(10) AA technicals are often based on Unimog bodies.
(11) A few units in the WARTZ Army are made up of black Africans. The Apartheid policies practiced by WARTZ mean that these troops are restricted to their own separate units, commanded by white officers and NCOs.
(12) These black units are generally mistrusted by the WARTZ political elite and their morale suffers as a result. But they are well equipped with modern uniforms and heavy weapons such as these HMGs.
(13) They sometimes add to their firepower with technicals based on the ubiquitous Toyota pickup trucks.
(14) The WARTZ Army are often supported by the WAF (WARTZ Air Force). Their planes, such as this F4 Phantom, are much more modern than any other faction fighting in the Ztum-Setum Wars

Credits: Unless otherwise noted all models are from Peter Pig's Range 17 "AK47 Republic"and were painted by Derek Hodge.

(1) P infantry (17-21) , P officer (17-16) and P LMG (17-17).
(2) P crew (17-21) with .50 cal MGs on tripod (17-74).
(3) P crew (17-21) with mortar (17-14 ).
(4) P crew (17-21) with 75mm recoilless rifle(17-68).
(5) A QRF Centurion.
(6) QRF Saladin Armoured Car (pack PBC 4).
(7) QRF Saracen APC (pack PBP 1)
(8) Revell 1/100th Huey with door gunners from Peter Pig's Huey crew from Vietnam range (1-20)
(9) QRF Long Wheelbase Landrover with Wombat and Crew (PBA 4).
(10) Peter Pig Unimog Truck (17-15), mounting a ZPU1 single barrelled AA gun (17-53).
(11) An assortment of several infantry types including R/P infantry in caps (17-5 & 17-11) Infantry in Russian Helmet (17-62) and bareheaded (17-48)
(12) Crew in cap (17-2) and crew in helmet (17-64 ) with .50 cal MGs on tripod (17-74).
(13) PP Toyota Pickup (17-23) mounting recoilless rifle (17-20).


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