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Ztum-Setum Campaign Official House Rules and Rules Interpretations at 09/09/03


We are currently using the semi-official AK47 amendment sheet v1.21 prepared by Fred Cartwright of the RFCM team responsible for the AK47 rules. A copy of this amendment sheet is available as a word document here.

We do not allow the use of ATGMs in the Ztum-Setum campaign and also use the following house rules.


9.5 Limitations on Force Compositions: Units consisting solely of mortar groups are permitted. Units of RPG, HMG or RCL groups are not.

APCs: A unit with APCs does not count towards the limit on units which "may have tanks or A/Cs", but any unit with APCs in it must also include at least 2 infantry groups per APC.

10.2 Groups in templates: Groups in templates must either conform to the edge of the template, when they are able to exchange fire with enemy groups located outside the template, or be counted as being inside the template where they cannot fire at or be targeted by enemy groups outside the template. Firing range between groups which are both located within a single template is 2".

Hills: Hills can be chosen as objectives by attackers (Rule 13). Visiblity is not restricted within a hill template though a groups line of sight and fire is blocked if it runs across a hill from one side of the template to another. Rough hill templates are impassable by vehicles and provide cover to units located partially or wholly therein.

19.17 Attack Helicopters: Attack helicopters that are pinned must move out of range of any and all enemy groups that pinned them in their next turn if at all possible. If they can't move out of range they must move a full move directly away (if more than one enemy group causes a pin on a helicopter it must move out of range of all of them if possible or in a direction which splits the angle between the firing units, send for an impartial referee if necessary).

Units with more than one attack helicopter are permitted.




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