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Arms race worries as WARTZ takes delivery of new warplanes

In a move seen by many as a worrying escalation of the arms race in Ztumsia-Setumsia area the Western African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia has taken delivery of a number of F4 Phantoms from the USA. The planes, which until recently were flying off US Navy carriers, arrived this week, just too late to take part in the operations which led to the expulsion of a raiding force from PISSOF and the ZITS the country (see below)..

One of the WARTZ F4 Phantoms delivered by the USA this week. It has been repainted in WARTZ colours, but has not yet been given any identifying markings. It is pictured here on an unarmed training flight.


ZITS and PISSOF driven out from WARTZ Territory

ZITS and PISSOF forces advancing on Xangongo in the Western African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia (WARTZ) were defeated yesterday by a strong force of WARTZ Marine Corps and WARTZ Army troops in a battle fought just five miles from the city outskirts.

The ZITS and PISSOF allies advanced down Highway 2 and were met initially by a screen of WARTZ tanks from both the Army and the Marine Corps. This armoured force was backed up by a strong infantry unit emplaced in a village and others concealed in the dense scrub overlooking the road.

Advancing on the right of Hthe hghway a unit of ZITS armoured cars was destroyed by fire from the WARTZ tank screen. Several of these tanks were themselves destroyed by an elite PISSOF tank unit and a squadron of supposedly elite tanks from the WARTZ Marine Corps routed off the battlefield despite having suffered no losses to enemy fire. WARTZ Intelligence Services and Military Police are investigating this incident and the Major commanding the unit has been reported as having committed suicide.

Allied forces advancing down theleft of the road were harrassed by WARTZ Marine technicals and the allies failed to link up with the main strength of a PISSOF column which had been sent on wide enveloping marches round both flanks.

On the right flank a PISSOF heavy weapons company arrived without any infantry support and proved completely unable to dislodge WARTZ Army troops defending a patch of dense scrub.

Things went even worse for the allies on the left flank where an attacking infantry unit and several AA technicals were ambushed by an elite WARTZ Marine unit who stormed out of their positions in heavy scrub to engage the PISSOF forces in close combat.

The lighly armed and unsupported Marines quickly overcame their opponents, routing the PISSOF infantry and destroying the technicals, before returning to their positions

With these failures the allies seemed to lose heart and their attack ground to a halt with WARTZ forces still in full control of Highway 2. All PISSOF and ZITS forces withdrew from the battlefield overnight and, harrassed by WARTZ aircraft and helicopters, recrossed the border into the disputed provinces of South East Ztumsia early on Thursday afternoon.

This battle has brought out into the open the rivalry that has always existed between the WARTZ Army and the WARTZ Marine Corps. Senior Army officers have been calling for the Army to take command of all the country's tanks, pointing out that that the true strength of the Marine Corps lies with their superb light infantry and stating that the historical performance of WARTZ Marine tank units does not compare at all well with those units under Army command.

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