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The only independent source for news on the wars in Ztumsia/Setumsia and the surrounding area.

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PANTZ purged (08.12.81)


Three officers and ten men from the People's Army for the Nation and Tribes of Ztumsia were executed this morning after being found guilty of selling surplus Bulldog APCs to PISSOF and WARTZ forces.

The vehicles, of South African origin, were originally captured in a raid on SADFUKR forces and were used by the Ztumsian Special Armed Police Service (SAPS) until they were recently replaced by superior BTR-60 APCs.

French force invades Ztumsia (29.10.81)

Following the reported killing of their Ambassador to South Africa whilst on an unofficial visit to rebel forces in Zetumsia/Setumsia the French Government have launched what they term a "punitive strike" with their rapid reaction force GORF (Group Operational de Republic Francais), an elite force made up of Foreign Legionnaires, parachutists and even Legion parachutists.

Without seeming to know who they should be holding responsible for the killing, the GORFs (or backward frogs as they have become known by locals) have been moving round the Ztum-Setum area rounding up French citizens for evacuation and questionning, sometimes forcibly, local civilians in a vain effort to locate the people who killed their ambassador.

The GORFs have not actively attacked any local armed forces but have driven off attacks from a number of factions including the WARTZ (Western African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia), the FARTS (Federated African Rhodesian Territories) and ARS (the Army of the Republic of Setumsia), all of whom claim to have been defending their sovereign territory.

GORF depredations only ceased when they were cornered by ARSe (Army of the Republic of Setumsia) forces, determined to drive them out of Southern Setumsia, who attacked with great vigour. The GORFs were saved from annihilation by nightfall and by the intervention of South African forces from the 1st Mechanised South African Defence Force Regiment (IMSADFUKR).

The GORFs are now encamped near the Setumsian - South African border and the President of Setumsia, Robert Ncele Ngobi, has called for the United Nations to impose sanctions on both France and South Africa.

Petramco in drug link with ZITS. JuJuJuice greatest threat to western youth since crack cocaine. (29.10.81)

Petramco, the multinational company with extensive interests in the Ztumsia/Setumsi area has started the commercial production of a highly addictive drug, nicknamed JuJuJuice by it's users in Western Europe and the USA. The drug, properly referred to as dihydrojujanene, is manufactured from an extract of the JuJu berries used for centuries in the religious ceremonies of native spiritualists such as the followers of Agassou who make up the Ztumsian Independent Tribal Spiritualists (ZITS).

This army of religious fanatics have been terrorising the Ztumsia/Setumsia area for several years and are now now fighting alongside PISSOF (the Petramco International Security Service Overseas Force) in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate governments of Ztumsia and Setumsia and to impose a puppet regime favourable to Petramco interests rather than those of the native people. Hevissio, prophet of Agasssou and leader of the ZITS, has declared a religious war and installed an extreme fundamentalist regime in the areas of the country he controls.

Already a joint force of ZITS and PISSOF troops have attacked paramilitary Ztumsian and Setumsian police who were burning JuJu berry fields as part of an anti-drugs operation designed to stop the JuJuJuice menace spreading further.

Driven wild by the JuJuJuice, which has proved even more potent than the traditional preparation they have been using for years and utilising a number of tanks received as military aid from foreign powers, the ZITS, supported by their PISSOF paymasters, destroyed the two groups of armoured cars which were supporting to the Ztumsian SAPS (Special Armed Police Service) and their Setumsian equivalents the TARTS (Tactical Armed Response Teams).

ZITS and PISSOF casualties were high and the elite police units stopped all attacks on their positions stone dead, knocking out several tanks in the process. PANTZ (People's Army for the Nation and Tribes of Ztumsia) and ARS (Army of the Republic of Setumsia) regular troops arrived in the evening, just too late to launch a counterattack but soon enough to send the ZITS and PISSOF forces scurrying back to their mountain fastenesses during the hours of darkness.

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