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WARTZ and FARTS repulsed by ZSA. (13/12/81)

A combined WARTZ and FARTS army was driven back from the Ztumsian Highlands this week, despite inflicting heavy tank losses on a massively outnumbered ZSA (Ztumsia - Setumsia Alliance) column defending the radio station at Mulagao. An attack by the overwhelming WARTZ and FARTS attack force failed to make any impression on ZSA defensive positions and demoralised WARTZ andf FARTS troops retreated overnight having failed to reach any of their attack objectives.

The WARTZ had assembled a huge armoured force, based round their elite Guard's Tank Regiment reinforced with a number of new US tanks obtained through suspect relief channels. They were joined in battle by a small column, comprising mainly militia troops, from the Federated African Rhodesian Territories (FARTS).

PANTZ Support Commando 7 took heavy casualties before abandoning the radio station.

ZSA forces were caught dispersed - heavily outnumbered in tanks and with only two units of infantry immediately available, an ARS (Army of the Republic of Setumsia) militia unit, deployed in the village of Mulagao, and a PANTZ (People's Army for the Nationa and Tribes of Ztumsia) mortar unit, deployed in the radio station compound. Other ZSA units in the area did not arrive on the battlefield until much later in the evening.

WARTZ launched a two pronged offensive with their armour advancing towards a hill south of the radio station and their infantry attacking the village of Mulagao on the left flank. A FARTS column advanced into an unoccupied village on the right, sending their tanks towards the radio station in support of their WARTZ allies.


The WARTZ Guard's Tank Regiment masses for the attack.


The PANTZ mortar unit in the radio station launched a highly effective bombardment and caused heavy casualties among some WARTZ militia who soon routed. They themselves came under an intense fire from large numbers of tanks and armoured cars and were forced to withdraw, leaving the radio station unoccupied.

WARTZ tanks then moved on the PANTZ armour, destroying them before they received any support from their ARS allies, who were advancing extremely slowly on the right. The ARS tanks were then destroyed by the Guard's tanks, leaving ZSA with no heavy armour. Setumsian Police are currenly looking for Major Paul Sitange, the officer in charge of the ARS tank unit who was last seen fleeing the battlefield in a jeep. The Major's wife and children have been taken into protective custody after they were threatened by mobs accusing him of treasonous behaviour by deliberately delaying his advance

ARSe armoured cars

Things started to look even worse for ZSA when the FARTS took control of their village objective - though the ARS militia had established a stronghold in the heart of Mulagao village where they held fast against all attacks. ARS armoured cars advanced to support the militia and routed a unit of naval infantry with their fire.

The WARTZ tanks continued to advance towards their hilltop objective with support from their FARTS allies, but this massive tank force failed to cause any casulaties in PANTZ Armoured Car Commando 5, which was defending the rear slopes of the hill.

WARTZ armour advances through the wreckage of PANTZ Tank Commando 4 (left) But as night fell they had failed to gain control of the hill overlooking the radio station and were still engaged in fighting with PANTZ Armoured Car Commando 7 (right).

A unit of PANTZ infantry reinforcements arrived close to the village held by FARTS troops and fighting broke out which lasted until after dusk.

Having failed to secure any of their objectives by nightfall the WARTZ and FARTZ forces retreated back to their starting lines. They continued their retreat in the morning, pursued closely by ZSA armoured cars.

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