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Ztum - Setum Online News

The only independent source for news on the wars in Ztumsia/Setumsia and the surrounding area.

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GORF attack on Setumsia repulsed (14.01.82)

A GORF column has been repulsed after invading southern Setumsia. The GORFs moved into Setumsian territory early last week but retreated after an attack by ARS border troops routed a unit of French infantry. ARS sources claim that the GORFs were lucky and that they were only saved from total defeat when they retreated from their defensive positions during the night.

Independent observers in the area described the battle as a "more of a draw than a victory for either side" but confirmed the route of a unit of French Metropolitan troops and said that an "overwhelming force" of ARS tanks and mechanised infantry was massing for an attack on the main French positions as night fell.

ZITs facing split? (14.01.02)

The Ztumsi Independent Tribal Spiritualists (ZITS) are facing a dangerous split as religious fundamentalists accuse Heviosso, self-styled prophet of Agassou and leader of the ZITS, of selling out to western interests and the drugs trade. In an exclusive interview given to to Ztum-Setum Online News one religious leader, a veteran of many ZITS' campaigns, said that the ZITS no longer speak the true message of Agassou.

"The leadership have become fat and unworthy of his love, due to their unholy alliance with Petramco and other capitalist unbelievers" he said. "They are allowing the holy rituals of JuJu to be abused by decadent westerners. Heviosso does not listen to his people and has become corrupt and decadent. He no longer has any credibility as a religious leader and would surely have been overthrown as a military leader were he not protected by white mercenaries."

A number of ZITs military commanders are believed to agree with the fundamentalists and it surely cannot be long before these tension lead to the formation of a fundamentalist breakaway grou. .


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