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Riot in Nannan, 40 killed by ZIT militia. 31.01.82

45 people were killed this week when rioting broke out in the town of Nannan as ZIT militia tried to break up a crowd in the market square listening to an unidentified holy man.. The unknown preacher was attacking Heviosso, CinC of the ZITs and self-styled "Prophet of Agassou", for selling out on his religion and joining the international drugs trade. He called for all true followers of Agassou to rise up and overthrow Heviosso and for the people to return to traditional forms of worship.

A ZIT patrol opened fire on the crowd, killing many women and children, before beating a hasty retreat when attacked by two armed men acting as bodyguards to the holy man. The ZITS returned later with a full company of troops and killed many more people they suspected of being sympathetic to the preacher, who had disappeared from the scene..

Comment: This news from Nannan confirms the suspicions, long held by Ztum-Setum Online News, that Heviosso is losing control of some of his ZIT followers. We also have suspicions that his mental health may be being affected by excessive use of the highly concentrated JuJuJuice that is now being produced following technical advances in the purification process pioneered by Petramco.

These suspicions received a boost this week when we received the following message directly from Heviosso himself. We have not altered his spelling, punctuation or grammar.

News received from loyal ZITS last night confirmed the recent reports of the activities of Dr Donunga.
Following the apprehension of a trouble maker in Nannan it transpires that he is none other than the second cousin of the Mafia driver Unga, the so called president. Derek Unga was urging true followers of Agassou to add chemicals to JuJu berries for added effect. ZITS high command said this practice is highly dangerous and urges the true believers to stay organic. Herbal is the way of truth. Also confirmed, PANTS have purchased several Crap tanks and other vehicles. That this equipement is currently only in use by several South American countries is no coincidence. There is only one conclusion, Unga is a puppet of the drug cartels. There can be only one path for the followers of Agassou there is only one ZITS.
Prophet of Agassou

PISSOF routed in Eastern Setumsia - Petramco shares fall 100 pts (31.01.82)

Petramco International shares fell 300 points on the New York stock yesterday (Wednesday, 30 Jan 1982) when it was announced that security troops guarding their diamond mines in Eastern Setumsia had been routed by a force from the Army of the Republic of Setumsia (ARSe). The company have fired their Head of International Security, the fifth time this has happened in as many months.

The battle started badly for PISSOF when the inexperienced Leiutenant in charge of a unit of three Jeeps mounting HMGs and one with an RCL decided to charge into close combat with an ARSe infantry unit supported by three armoured cars and two APCs. All the Jeeps were destroyed in a few minutes..

On their right flank the PISSOF armour was more successful, halting the advance of two units of ARSe armour, brewing up three tanks for the loss of one of their own.

Things got much worse after that with two units of PISSOF militia routing from fire and ARSe infantry destroying two tank units and an armoured car unit in close assault. The Setumsian Presidential Guard covered themselves in glory by advancing on foot and under fire across an extensive plain, supported by their BTRs, to assault their hilltop objective. They took the hill, destroying two tanks in close assault and routing a militia unit, with no loss to themselves.

A unit of PISSOF professional infantry spent the whole battle sitting in a village, watching their friends getting slaughtered in the open. Their commander is believed to have been shot by his own men as they fled the battlefield after dark.


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