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The only independent source for news on the wars in Ztumsia/Setumsia and the surrounding area.

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LATEST NEWS (10.04.82)

ZWEATE attack repulsed by ZSA Alliance

Troops from ZSA (the Ztumsia-Setumsia Alliance) smashed a strong ZWEATE (Ztumsian Workers Eastern Alliance for Territorial Equality) force advancing on Ng'abe, the administrative capital of Eastern Ztumsia. today (10.04.82)
ZWEATE armoured cars advance on Ng'abe. Their attack ground to a halt well short of their objective.
A ZSA column, drawn from the garrison of Ng'abe and made up of troops from both ARSE (Army of the Republic of Setumsia) and PANTZ (People's Army of the Nation and Tribes of Ztumsia), advanced to meet the ZWEATE force which was badly mauled in a day long battle fought in dense country some 20 miles to the south of the town.

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