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The only independent source for news on the wars in Ztumsia/Setumsia and the surrounding area.

All Else is Factional Propaganda

ZWEATE column advances into TRANS-Ztumsia (07.05.82)

A strong WARTZ force operating with FARTs allies were ejected from defensive positions on the Setumsian border by an attacking ZWEATE column last week. The defending WARTZ lost two helicopters, the only major casualties in a battle in which the WARTZ and FARTs were decisively outmaneuvered by ZWEATE. Both sides suffered only light casualties and the WARTZ and FARTZ forces retreated overnight while the ZWEATE troops looted their forward supply base.

Two WARTZ helicopters were shot down in flames by machine gun fire from a unit of ZWEATE armoured cars.
FARTs regular troops defended a farm complex for most of the day causing light casualties on opposing ZWEATE forces who did not press home their attack.

More rioting in Nannan Province - hundreds killed as mobs attack Petramco facilities.

Ztumsia's Nannan Province, one of the main power bases for the Ztumsi Independent Tribal Spiritualists, has has been swept by rioting as fundamentalist followers of Agassou protest at what they describe as the "ungodly behaviour" of Heviosso, C In C of the ZITs and self proclaimed "Prophet of Agassou". The rioters are targeting Petramco facilities, several have been razed to the ground over the past few days, and the ZITS and PISSOF troops guarding them have suffered many casualties.

The flames of revolt are being fanned by numerous bush preachers proclaiming the imminent arrival of the "Blessed Son of Agassou", a prophet who will, they say, lead the people of Nannan in a holy crusade to sweep away the corrupt ZITS along with their decadent PISSOF allies.

Our local sources suggest that things may come to a head later later this month when a planetary conjunction of Mars and Venus will coincide with Rajman, an important religious festival for followers of Agasssou.

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