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Fundamentalists take control of Nanaan Province - PISSOF and ZITs smashed. (13/06/82)

Fundamentalist worshippers of Agassou took complete control of Nannan Province in Eastern Ztumsia today (12/06/82) after smashing PISSOF and ZITs troops advancing to oppose a threatened invasion by the ZSA Alliance (see below).

A strong force of fundamentalists, calling themselves the ZITs Old Guard or ZOGs, caught their enemy dispersed and destroyed almost all of the PISSOF forces available in Nannan. ZITs forces deployed in support took little part in the battle and retreated with minimal casualties. The ZOGs are now in complete control of Nannan City and are sweeping up opposition in the rest of the province.

Followers of Agassou in Nannan have been in open revolt against the controlling PISSOF and ZITs forces for several months (see previous issues of Ztum-Setum Online News) but the speed with which they have put together organised military forces took the ZITs and PISSOF completely by surprise.

Under the strategic direction of Sheik yur Ghoolees, known by his followers as the Blessed Son of Agasou, and led by fundamentalist officers discontented with the way that the ZITs have deserted their religion and taken up with Petramco in the JuJuJuice drugs trade, the ZOGs amassed a huge force of armour and technicals which led their attack. The spearhead troops had all been whipped up into a religious frenzy at a pre-battle ceremony led by by Sheik yur Ghoolies.in person. Many were heavily under the influence of JuJuJuice, which had been flowing freely during the ritual.

Part of the ZOGs' armoured attack. Ghost Warriors can be seen providing support
The recently appointed PISSOF commander seriously underestimated his enemy and counterattacked despite being massively outnumbered. Within minutes PISSOF had lost all their forces present on the battlefield including a tank unit, a unit of armored cars and some AA technicals. A PISSOF infantry unit foolishly moved of dug in positions in the middle of a village to engage the ZOGs in a firefight and were almost immediately routed.
This ill advised counter attack by PISSOF ended with their armour almost completely destroyed.

The ZITs forces on the battlefield retreated having done nothing more than fire a few mortar rounds.


ZSA forces mass for Nannan invasion (12/06/82)

Forces from the ZSA Alliance were today massing on the borders of Nannan Province as ZITs and PISSOF troops struggle to put down what is turning into a full scale revolution in the province which they have controlled for several years.

The situation for ZITs and PISSOF continues to deteriorate and several senior commanders have deserted from the ZITs and are believed to be organising fundamentalist forces. Armed mobs operating under their direction have stormed the PISSOF armoury in Nannan City and have captured several second line armoured vehicles, mostly of Second World War vintage.

There is much talk of how the prophet, known as the Blessed Son of Agassou, has raised forces from among the hill tribes and some say that he will soon attack Nannan City itself.

The ZSA Alliance seems determined to take advantage of their enemies' weakness and PANZ troops have been heard to say that they will be crossing the border into Nannan province sometime this evening.

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