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ZOGs raid Kisangi, PISSOF troops suffer heavy losses while ZITS fail to engage. Tsumbi Valley JuJu crop destroyed. (29/8/82)

A column of ZOG troops raided into Kisangi Province this week in a successful attempt to disrupt Petramco International's JuJu Berry drug farming operations in the Tsumbi Valley. The ZOG raiders brushed aside a sizeable force of PISSOF troops supported by a smaller contingent of ZITS and destroyed hundreds of acres of JuJu Berries, due to be harvested early next year. Independent estimates put the value of the destroyed crops at over a million dollars.

A strong unit of professional infantry from the 1st Petramco Rifles (pictured below) left the battlefield around eleven in the morning after suffering only light casualties. Their commanding officer, Major James Brown, told his subordinates that they had been ordered to move east to counter an attack further up the Tsumbi valley, but he has since disappeared and is suspected of being a ZOG agent.

The 1st Petramco Rifles, supported by their APCs, advance to attack some ZOG militia. Shortly after this picture was taken they withdrew from the battefield.

The ZOGs fielded a mix of tanks of WWII vintage supported by a few modern armoured cars.

Deserted by their professional colleagues and faced with overwhealming ZOG armour, which had stormed ahead of the fanatical Ghost Warrior infantry, the remaining PISSOF units in the area started to lose heart and retreated after suffering heavy casualties.

A militia unit, formed from labourers from Petramco's local JuJu plantations and deployed in the area's main farm complex, routed after being badly shot up by ZOG tanks, armoured cars and AA technicals. Supporting units of PISSOF technicals lost most of their vehicles in the uneven firefight.

Two units of ZITS' troops were deployed behind the PISSOF forces in anticipation of a ZOG outflanking movement but by early afternoon they decided to advance and help their allies. By the time they arrived within range of the ZOGs the situation was becoming desperate and the ZITS armour fired but a few ineffectual long range shots before joining their infantry in retreating southwards.

ZOG losses in this battle were minimal, their Ghost Warrior infantry did not fire a single shot and suffered no casualties from enemy action. No ZOG's vehicles were destroyed.

The ZOGs went on to destroy most of next year's JuJu Berry crop in the Tsumbi valley, potentially worth millions of dollars to Petramco, then withdrew back into their bases in Nannan Province.

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