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South African troops in Southern Setumsia reinforced. Refugees flee area after "hearts and minds operation".

In a worrying development for those of us wishing for peace in Ztumsia-Setumsia, South African troops in southern Setumsia have been reinforced with additional infantry mounted in new Ratel infantry fighting vehicles.

Troops from the South African Defence Force UK Regiment (SADFUKRs) who have been occupying the area around Zulado since last autumn (see February issue of Ztum-Setum Online News) have received around twenty of the vehicles as replacements for the captured AMX 40s and BTR 60s they had been using until recently.

The SADFUKRs, led by suspected Nazi war criminal F.W. De Clutch, are believed to be planning a major offensive.

The picture shows a Ratel APC taking part in what the SADFUKRs termed a "hearts and minds operation" in the Zulado area earlier this week.

Several villages were burned during the operation and and refugees are crowding the roads north.


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