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Pictures of some of the model vehicles, aircraft and helicopters used by players in the Ztum-Setum campaign.

DISCLAIMER: I have tried, where possible, to identify the manufacturer and pack number of the vehicles pictured here. However my captions may not be completely accurate and I cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of any mistakes. If you are going to order models you should check with the manufacturer first to ensure that you get what you want.

Most of the vehicles here come from Battlefront, Peter Pig, QRF or Skytrex.


AMX-13 Light Tank (France)
Centurion (UK)
M4 Sherman (USA)
M10 (USA)
M24 Chaffee (USA)
M26 Pershing (USA)
M48 (USA)
PT-76B Light Tank (USSR)
Scorpion Light Tank (UK)
T55 (USSR)
T62 (USSR)


Armoured Cars etc

AMX10 (France)
BRDM-2 Amphibious Scout Car (USSR)
Cascavel (Brazil)
Fox Light Armoured Car (UK)
Panhard AML Light Armoured Car (France)
Saladin Armoured Car (UK)

Self Propelled Guns etc

152mm self propelled gun "Akatsiya" (USSR)
M7 Priest (USA)
Ontos (USA)
ZSU 23-4 self propelled AA gun (USSR)
ZSU 57-2 self propelled AA gun (USSR)

Armoured Personnel Carriers etc

BMD-1 Airborne Combat Vehicle (USSR)
Buffalo Anti-Mine Vehicle (South Africa)
Half Tracks
Humber Pig (UK)
M113 (US)
Ratel (South Africa)
Saracen. (UK)
VAB (France)


Dassault Mystere (France)
F4 Phantom (USA)


Bell UH-1H Gunship "Huey" (US)
AH-64 Apache (US)

Softskins, technicals etc.

Fast Attack Vehicle
Jeeps, Land Rovers etc.
Misc MG technicals.
Misc AA technicals
Misc RCL technicals
Lorries & Trucks
Civilian vehicles


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