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Basing figures for AK47

In basing my troops for AK47 I was looking for a way of making the models look as though they were advancing across an arid African plain. I think I've succeeded.

Here's how I get the look modelled above by troops from WARTZ, the Western African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia, a colonial power.

  1) I stick the figures on to a piece of cardboard cut to the appropriate size using a glue gun.
  2) I cover the base with textured paint (Polycell Textured Ceilings Coarse Finish or similar) using a microspatula or an old brush which I keep specially for the purpose.
  3) When the ceiling paint is dry the base has a good texture.
  4) I paint the base with in an earth colour. For my AK47 bases I use Humbrol Enamel number 94, matt brown yellow.
  5) To bring out the texture on the base I drybush it, first using a lighter shade of the base colour (Citadel Bleached Bone) then white.
  6) I glue static grass flock on to the base using PVA glue (sometimes called wood glue, wood adhesive or, in the USA, Elmer's Glue). Here I have used two colours, harvest gold and burnt grass, both from Woodland Scenics.
  7) As a finishing touch, I sometimes stick on underbrush using the glue gun. Here I have used course turf, again from Woodland Scenics. Spraying the whole stand with matt varnish dulls the shine on the static grass and helps hold things togethe

To base vehicles I cut an appropriately sized base out of cardboard then take it up to stage 5 above before gluing on the vehicle. I then carry out step 6 and 7 with the vehicle glued on the base.
  Since basing all my AK47 figures I have started to use a quicker, and in my opinion better, system of basing using sand to texture the base rather than textured paint. This stand of militia has been done the new way.

Details of this method can be found on other pages of this website where I demonstrate the new technique applied to 15mm World War II figures, mounted for another RFCM game, PBI 2, and 6mm Napoleonic figures mounted to represent Brigades on 2" square stands for the game Grande Armee.



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