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Brixcon is an AK47 competition which has been run in the Northampton village of Brixworth by Graham Evans, a regular contributor to the RFCM Yahoo Group, for the past three years. This event firmly puts the focus on fun - though some players take it more seriously than others.

Below are some pictures I took at Brixcon 2003 though I managed to forget may camera's compact flash card for the 2004 event. Pictures of the Brixcon 2004 can be found on Chris Kemp's Homepage and Paul Hooper's Zin Zan Website.

(1) Ztum-Setum Prizewinners

Two participants in the Ztum-Setum Campaign won prizes at Brixcon 2003. Dave O'Brien (right) won the competition overall while Jack Glanville (left) won the prize for the furthest travelled participant. They are pictured here with Mr Pig himself, Martin Goddard.

(2) The "Road to Basra" won Martyn Simpson the prize for the quirkiest piece of scenery at the event.
(3) Raurigh Dale brought along a shedload of GeoHex (or similar) to make up this table based on a safari park theme.
(4) Raurigh's native village.
(5) The single stand on top of that cliff is led by Abdul the Afghan. He survived much fire and three rounds of close combat against overwhealming odds to secure Ken Natt a draw in his game against myself, Derek Hodge.
(6) An Arab fort.
(7) Another building with an Arabic influence. Built by Dean Heathcote, who kindly donated it to Grimsby Wargames Society, who brought it to Brixcon..
(8) Chris Kemp used this model as a marker for his off board artillery/airstrikes.
(9) These docks were much fought over.
(10) The Zin Zan Hilton
(11) Slightly less salubrious accomodation for the Zin Zan Army.



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