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Markers for AK47

The markers in use: This militia unit from PISSOF (the Petramco International Security Service Overseas Force) has been badly shot up by their enemies from ARSe (the Army of the Republic of Setumsia). Two groups of infantry have been killed and the dead markers have been placed on the table where they affect the morale of any friendly unit within 3". In addition two groups of infantry have been pinned and the PISSOF troops are about to take a very difficult morale test.

The dead and pinned markers in the zip files below are in two colours, use one colour for each side in a battle.

Some of the casualty markers


Some of the pinned markers


Download high resolution versions of all these markers (and several others) as jpg images in a zip file (2.4 Mb)

For those of you in a hurry (or with restricted bandwith available for downloads) there's this smaller zip file (1.1Mb) containing full-size versions of just the markers shown above.

Once you've downloaded one of these zip files files you should extract the jpg images, size them (1.25 inches or 30mm square for the dead markers, anything you like for the pinned markers), then lay them out using some sort of graphics program (I use Corel Draw). Then print the images out on to label paper, stick them on to cardboard and cut them out.


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