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In Their Own Words

We have received complaints from some of the tin pot dictators, drugs dealers, religious nutcases, suspected war criminals and assorted others who command the factions fighting in the Zetum-Setum wars that this site does not present a balanced view of the situation in the area. They accuse us of favouring some factions over others and even of being a propaganda mouthpiece for one particular government. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have therefore decided to give each and every faction commander access to a homepage of their own, a place completely free from external editorial control where thay can put across their own point of view. There have only been two takers so far, President FW De Clutch, SADFUKR in Chief and a Heviosso CinC of the ZITS. You can read their incoherent ravings by following the links below. Just don't expect them to make any sense.



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