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The Real Thing

Post-War armour from the le Musée des Blindés at Saumur in France

The museum is home to over 850 military vehicles, a third of which work, and there are over 200 on permanent display. Below is a small selection of photographs which may ne of interest to players of AK47 Republic. The museum's website has a full list of all the vehicles on display in the various halls.

Panhard AML90 (France)
AMX 30B (France)
AMX 13 (France) an AMX 10RC (France) is just behind.
EBR Panhard FL11 (France)
T54 (USSR)
T54-55 (USSR)
T62 (USSR)
T72 (USSR)
Cascavel (Brazil)
AMX 50. (France) A 60 tonne dinosaur from the 1950's. This thing is BIG.

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