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Toyz Are Uz

Everything on this page has been converted from a child's toy.

Click on any image to see a double sized version

Another example of just what can be done using toys as a basis for conversion can be seen here.

Dave O'Brien, who plays the YIDZ in the Ztum-Setum campaign, converted these models from ERTL's Thomas the Tank Engine range to provide PETRAMCO with some transport for cargoes of JuJuJuice.

Dave is now running his own professional painting service - Military Dispatches. See his website at http://www.militarydispatches.co.uk for more examples of his work and a price list.

Attack Helicopters (Jack Glanville)

Toy tank body with Peter Pig T55 turret (Jack Glanville)

Two tanks and two helicopters both cost less than £2 at Poundstretchers

£1.49 from Woolworths, £1.14 from Big W, this truck doesn't even really need painted.

But they paint up very nicely indeed. (Colin Grant)

(Jim Louttit)


A toy truck like this is easily converted with some plasticard and wheels from another toy (Derek Hodge)
You can also add seating for troops (Derek Hodge)
or an AA gun (Derek Hodge)
Another toy truck conversion (Jack Glanville)
More toys converted fo4r use in AK47 can be can be found at Paul Hooper's Zin Zan site.

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Many of the figures used in the pictures on this site were painted by Pioneer's Jack Glanville
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