Lord of the Rings Combat Hex

In the UK these are currently on offer at £1.00 for an expansion box of 4 figures in More Stores and on Ebay. At this price the Combat Hex collectable miniatures are a major bargain for anyone looking to play Lord of the Rings games.



It is very easy to cut the figures off their hexagonal clicky bases and mount them on something better. Here I've used a 1.1/4" square MDF base from East Riding Miniatures.

The bendy weapons are a bit of a pain but at 25p a figure I can live with them.

  A Combat Hex Lurtz alongside the equivalent model from Games Workshop. That's 25p compared to £5.00.
  The £5.00 it costs for a GW Lurtz got me about 19 Combat Hex Uruks (including bases)
  The painting is not very good, but it will do for me. And it's easy enough to repaint the figures if you want.