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Counters for Wargames

For several year's I have been using my computer, scanner and colour printer to make full colour counters for use as markers in miniature wargames. I print them out on label paper, stick the labels on cardboard and cut out the counters.

I have now posted the results of my labours on this site - making them freely available to anyone else who wishes to use them.

Some examples of my counters are shown on the right (top to bottom) a disruption marker for use in Napoleonic wargames, a disruption marker for use in Fire & Fury, a dead Spanish Civil War militiaman, a dead WWII Russian, a WWII British unit marker and a disruption marker for use in the game AK47 - Republic.

The picture below shows some of my dead counters being used in a game of AK47-Republic - a game which requires that you keep track of exactly where stands have been killed as the presence of dead and wounded troops affects the morale of nearby friends.

How to download and use the counters on this site

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