World War II



Free Wargames Stuff on the Web

  • Canvas Eagles: Rules for WWI aerial dogfights
  • : A large web site with lots of free rules for miniature wargames. Covers most historical periods, fantasy and science fiction.
  • The All Gauge Page: a model railway (anorak alert) site with a number of useful things for wargamers including free paper buildings and advice on scenery building. An article entitled "Outfoxing the Missus - how to buy and run new trains without your wife knowing about it" provides food for thought for those of us whose loved ones fail to understand the concept that you can never own enough toy soldiers.
  • Warflag: print your own paper flags using the computer generated images in this online flag library covering all periods of history .


  • South East Scotland Wargames Club: The name says it all really. A wargames club for people living in the south east of Scotland. Meetings from 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm every Wednesday night in the Royal Air Force Club, Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh.

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